Industrial vacuum engineering and sales

Commercial freeze dryers and custom vacuum vapor physics systems We specialize in industrial vacuum systems, customized to your needs. Give us a call and let us know what you need.

We know what we are doing! We understand the physics, the equipment, the business, the gotchas Check out our training courses. Knowing more can save you loads of cost and raise your productivity

Engineering and equipment

You don't have to learn the hard way

We can help you with selection, design, and equipment installation for freeze drying, and custom industrial vacuum systems.

We can help you save hundreds of thousands on vacuum systems if you have multiple freeze dryers.

We can share some insights into the freeze drying business, including what machinery costs, what infrastructure you need (like walk in freezer space), and a whole lot more.

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Freeze Drying

Tired of having difficulty to find usable detailed information about freeze drying? We understand the physics, the engineering, the equipment, the process, and even a bit of the business. Take a look at our freeze drying knowledge section to learn loads of info about freeze drying. Contact us if you want to have a detailed conversation about it. Costs nothing but your time.

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum applications are tricky, so much happens in deep vacuum that is anything but obvious. Substances evaporate unexpectedly, gases flow differently, condensable vapors have all kinds of issues. There are loads of engineers in the world, but there are all too few vacuum engineers. At Suntorr, we are vacuum engineers with decades of experience in every tough application you can think of. Freeze drying seems relatively easy, but there are so many surprises. Check out our knowledge section if you are intrigued.