1: What does Suntorr specialize in?

Suntorr is a company that has expertise in industrial vacuum technology. We have a broad domain knowledge and focus on helping people understand how their systems work, how to optimize, and how to upgrade their equipment and processes to take their production business to a new level. Our specialization is vacuum freeze dryers which is a topic that has a poor bank of public knowledge, and we use this specialized help drive the world forward in freeze drying and more broadly in various industrial processes and applications.

2: What types of industrial vacuums do you offer?

Our product offerings encompass a narrow selection of industrial vacuum systems, centered around freeze drying and lyophilization, but we have capability to design custom solutions for almost any vacuum application. We have versatile wet/dry vacuum pumps that can handle truly industrial applications that could carry moisture, dust, and chemical vapors into the pumping mechanism. We also have the capacity to design central vacuum systems, which are designed for larger-scale industrial operations where multiple vacuum chambers are used in parallel. We understand the tricky nature of central vacuum systems and how to eliminate pressure excursions during processing.

Additionally, we offer explosion-proof vacuum solutions specifically designed to meet the NFPA requirements for operation in classified zones, ensuring the utmost safety and compliance.

3: Can you customize vacuum solutions for specific applications?

At Suntorr, we understand that each industrial application may have unique requirements. We take pride in our deep domain knowledge in vacuum equipment, vacuum applications, and the physics that drives and impacts the operation of a complex vacuum system. Whether you have specific size, capacity, or performance requirements, we can precisely tailor our vacuum systems to suit your application whether that is a commercial freeze dryer or any other industrial vacuum system.

4: Do you provide maintenance and repair services for industrial vacuums?


5: Are your vacuum systems compliant with industry safety standards?

Our systems meet the requirements of all codes and regulations and also are easily compliant with GMP certifications. The systems are washdown capable when needed, exp rated when needed, and always designed to keep the price tag as low as possible while meeting certification requirements.

6: What industries do you serve with your vacuum solutions?

Suntorr's industrial vacuum solutions focus on freeze drying and lyophilization, but also serve a broad range of industries including vacuum drying, vacuum insulation, molecular distillation, solvent recovery, food packaging, food processing, food cooling, metallurgy applications like VIM, VAR, ebeam, PAM, etc.

Our equipment plays a critical role in maintaining stringent quality standards in food processing and even in pharmaceuticals. These are just a few examples, and our commercial freeze-dryer vacuum solutions are adaptable to meet the specific needs of many other industrial sectors.

7: Do you offer dust extraction systems for industrial settings?


8: Can you recommend the right vacuum system for my specific application?

At Suntorr, our expertise in vacuum applications spans a very wide scope. We can assist in design and supply of components for any industrial vacuum system, any research vacuum system including high vacuum and ultra high vacuum, any vacuum system that has particular challenges with equipment durability like corrosive chemistry, polymer and other sticky substances, dusty, dirty, gritty systems, and in particular systems that have excessive moisture levels. The pinnacle of our design expertise is vacuum systems where there is phase change in the processed materials.

9: How energy-efficient are your vacuum systems?

If energy is your concern, we at Suntorr can help. We know how to reduce the amount of power is consumed by vacuum systems, particularly when you have multiple pumps operating whether on the same machine or on various machines.

10: What is the warranty coverage for your vacuum products?

We stand behind the quality and reliability of our vacuum products. To provide peace of mind to our customers, our products come with a standard 1 year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and ensures that your equipment performs as intended.

11: Can I order replacement parts for your vacuum systems?

Spare parts can be supplied, please call or email with your needs.

12: How do I request a quote for your vacuum systems?

Simply contact us on the “request a quote” tab or call me or us at the contact information on the bottom of the web page. Make sure you specify which equipment you need a quote on in the request.

13: Are your vacuum systems suitable for hazardous materials?

They can be, but that adds cost, so it is done with care and deliberation. We have seen identical vacuum pumps on two similar process machines have radically different durability. This is because how you set up a vacuum pump with cooling and gas purges makes a HUGE difference in how long it will run. What kind of difference? I have seen pumps that are failing in under one year get tweaked on their settings that then run for multiple years with no intervention. This is not a trivial consideration.

14: Can you assist with vacuum system installation at our facility?

Suntorr has the capability of coming to your facility to measure and map out equipment installations, have piping fabricated and shipped to your facility for relatively easy connection and testing. We cannot perform any installation services that require licensed contractors, but we can assist and advise your licensed contractors to help them get the job done right.

15: What is the typical lead time for ordering a vacuum system?

Lead time for large industrial freeze dryers tends to be around 26 weeks, for small freeze dryers it tends to be 8 to 12 weeks. Sometimes there are small freeze dryers in stock. Custom system lead times will vary and will be cited in the design.

16: Are your vacuum systems easy to maintain?

Ease of maintenance in vacuum systems can be tricky, so the best way to ensure that is to design it with the right equipment, that is to say the components that are likely to have the best durability and the least need for intervention. That of course requires components that generally have higher capital cost, but the cost of operation is much lower. At the end of the day it is up to the client, which will they choose.

17: Do you offer technical support for troubleshooting issues?

You will get the best technical support you have ever experienced with Suntorr. In fact, we pride ourselves in our ability to help you drive your equipment better, faster, and longer. The reward for higher production outstrips all other considerations with regard to bang for your buck. Suntorr knows this in a visceral way and will help you get the most out of your machinery.

18: Are your vacuum systems compatible with existing industrial setups?

Of course, it cannot work any other way. Anyone who tells you differently simply doesn’t know.

19: Do you offer financing options for purchasing your vacuum systems?

Suntorr has relationships with companies that provide financing who also already know the value of the equipment. We can provide several contacts to help you find a financing solution.

20: How can I get in touch with Suntorr for further inquiries?

Contacting Suntorr is convenient, and we are readily available to assist you with any inquiries or assistance you may require. You can visit our website for product and service information, including contact details.

Alternatively, you can reach us by phone to speak directly with our team or send an email to our customer support team. We are committed to providing prompt and helpful responses to your specific needs and inquiries.