High Capacity Commercial Freeze Dryer

Dry screw vacuum pump

The Leybold ND-65 could be the perfect vacuum pump for small production freeze drying.

This all aluminum, oil free screw pump is a no-frills work-horse that solves the vacuum problems facing many freeze dryer owners. Screw pumps cost more up front, but they way more than pay for themselves.

  • Sufficient pumping speed for a chamber up to 20 cubic feet without need of a booster
  • Low enough base pressure to work as a stand alone pump for any freeze dryer.
  • All aluminum construction will not corrode in this high moisture application.
  • Low power consumption to keep power bills as low as possible.
  • 5 plus years of life with semi annual belt change as the only maintenance item.
  • Low noise with integrated silencer that is self draining. (note that stainless exhaust pipe with Non-Return Valve is available from Suntorr. Just ask.
  • Universal inlet with ability to be vertical or horizontal. Threaded pipe or flanges are available from Suntorr.
  • Integrated purge to prevent condensation in the pump.
  • Air cooled.
  • This is an industrial process dry pump. This pump can handle ingestion of moisture, sugars, oils, fatty acids, and other process contaminants. Special set up is needed if you have these conditions, but this pump can take it.

    Price: $7260.00

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    Product Description


    • Reliability
      • Protection via monitoring vital parameters
      • Can clean in <1hr - minimizing downtime
      • Low temps reduce deposits
    • Low operating costs
      • Air cooled - no cooling water needed
      • No seal gas necessary
    • No oil in the pump chamber
      • Never any contaminated oil
      • Gear oil change every 2 years
    • Flexibility
      • Multi-flange for common applications
      • Flushing kit for constant cleaning of pump chamber
      • Silencing hoods for low noise


    • Food processing
    • Drying processes
    • Degassing
    • Freeze drying
    • Research and development


    • Direct pumping path
    • Non-contacting shaft seals
    • Cantilevered bearings eliminate a failure source
    • Pump chamber easily accessible, avoids contaminants
    • Low exhaust temperature

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