Dry vacuum pump for commercial freeze dryer

The Leybold SP-630 is the new standard for freeze drying.

Our high capacity commercial freeze drying systems use the Leybold SP-630 dry vacuum pumps for reliable, compact, low-maintenance systems.

Dry screw vacuum pumps are dry compressing backing pumps that use dual rotating screws that are precision machined to mesh together with very close tolerances but no actual physical contact. No contact means no lubricating oil needed. These rotors spin at about 7000 rpm, so with high speed and close tolerances, the screws sweep the gas from inlet to exhaust, compressing along the continuously variable pitch of the screws.

This is the only dry screw pump in the world in its pumping class that you can clean the rotors on site.

Both the rotors and stator of this pump are made from aluminum, hard anodizing protects the surface. Because they are aluminum, they run cooler than other brands and will never rust if you have residual moisture in them when shut down.

The WSU2001 mechanical blower fits directly to the inlet of the screw pump. It has dual purposes: to boost the pumping speed from 630 cubic meters per hour to 2000 m3/hr, and to make the base pressure of the system as much as 10x lower. Blowers cannot run by themselves, typically, so they need to be used with a primary vacuum pump, in this case the SP630.

Price is typically around $80,000

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Product Description


  • Reliability
    • Protection via monitoring vital parameters
    • Can clean in <1hr - minimizing downtime
    • Low temps reduce deposits
  • Low operating costs
    • Air cooled - no cooling water needed
    • No seal gas necessary
  • No oil in the pump chamber
    • Never any contaminated oil
    • Gear oil change every 2 years
  • Flexibility
    • Multi-flange for common applications
    • Flushing kit for constant cleaning of pump chamber
    • Silencing hoods for low noise


  • Food processing
  • Drying processes
  • Degassing
  • Freeze drying
  • Research and development


  • Direct pumping path
  • Non-contacting shaft seals
  • Cantilevered bearings eliminate a failure source
  • Pump chamber easily accessible, avoids contaminants
  • Low exhaust temperature