47 Shelf Rolling Rack With 3 Independent Heat Zones

This rolling rack is a critical component of all TechSource Systems commercial freeze dryers

When you want to maximize your production from any single TechSource Systems commercial freeze dryer, one of the most effective ways to do this is by minimizing the cycle time you waste doing product handling.

  • You can unload and then reload each product rack between machine cycles. If you have a smaller machine, like the TSS-447, this is relatively easy to accomplish. When you have a 10 rack machine, like the TSS-1047 or multiple machines, getting the next batch in the dryer to start the cycle can be a real challenge.
  • How do you handle the product while you are blast freezing it? You have to lay it out so that it fits in the trays, so the best way is to freeze it already on the trays. So you need to hold all of these trays in the freezer with air circulation access. The rolling rack gives you all of these benefits and more.
  • Each of these rolling racks has all of the very uniformly heated shelves already included, but they are mounted in a unique patented pending way. The shelves are designed to be insert to connect, meaning you simply push the shelf into place on the rack, it automatically slips into a power socket in the back of the rack, connecting the power to the heaters, and for three of the shelves, it also connects the dual integrated sensors.
  • This patent pending easy fit heated shelf is super easy to replace in case of damage. Just pull it out and slip a new one in, it takes seconds rather than minutes. If you need to clean the rack, just remove all of the shelves, then re-insert them when you are done. Need to wash the shelves? Well, you can wipe them down with alcohol or any other cleaner you want, the shelf is in your hand, so you can easily wipe the entire thing down. OR if you have many shelves to wash, just put them in a commercial dishwasher, yes they are dishwasher safe. See videos below.
  • A vexing problem for many freeze dryer operators is non-uniform heating of the product, which causes uneven drying. This rolling rack has a top, a middle, and a bottom heat control zone, all independently temperature controlled. This gives you the most uniform heat distribution, and it is reactive to how much product you ACTUALLY have on those shelves. This allows you to have some zones that have a different product or a different amount of product than the rest of the machine, and the heat control will automatically compensate.

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  • Product Description


    • Each rolling rack holds up to 352 lb (wet) of product
    • All rolling racks can have shelves removed in minutes for cleaning and sterilization
    • Each rolling rack can hold 47 baking trays (18" x 26")
    • Each rack has three independent temperature control zones for even heat distribution
    • Shelf heaters are ultra rugged, can be washed in commercial dishwasher/li>
    • Total product loading area of 152.75 square feet (14.2 sq meters)
    • All stainless steel rib reinforced process chambers
    • Trays are standard 18"x26" baking sheets
    • For all TechSource Systems Commercial Freeze Dryers