Heater Shelf With Sensors

Heaters are critical elements in freeze dryers. They are not indestructible, so you should have at least one spare on the shelf.

The heaters that slip into the rolling rack of any TechSource Systems commercial freeze dryer are made of 6061 hardened aircraft grade aluminum with a military grade black anodization on the surface. The anodization greatly enhances abrasion resistance while at the same time magnifying the radiative heat transfer coefficient.

  • The heater is a silicone sheet style heater with very uniform heat distribution. Each heater provides 125 watts of heating power to the tray above and below it. The silicone sheet heater is thermally bonded to the aluminum shelf rather than stuck on with adhesive. This thermal bonding is so rugged that we have seen heater elements fray apart after overheating yet the bond with the aluminum shelf remained undamaged.
  • This particular heater shelf has dual embedded MEMS style temperature sensors. The sensors are integral to the shelf rather than the product because for good heater control, the PLC needs to know the actual shelf temperature. The dual sensors are just for redundancy, if one sensor fails, the PLC disregards it. When both are operating, the PLC averages the temperatures between the two sensors. Having the sensors integral to the shelf also means there are no dangling wires that often get damaged over time in most freeze dryers, plus if you ever have a shelf with both sensors fail, simply replace the shelf. It takes no more than a few minutes and no calibration or special considerations are needed.
  • Price: $575.00
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    Heater Shelf with Sensors

    Product Description


    • Each heater delivers 125 watts max
    • Most rolling racks require 48 heaters
    • Shelves are made to hold standard size baking trays (18" x 26")
    • Some heaters have embedded temperature sensors
    • Shelf heaters are ultra rugged, can be washed in commercial dishwasher/li>

    PLC Controller

    TechSource Systems TSS-1047 Details

    Feature ManufacturerValue
    Wet Product Capacity3600 lb
    Vacuum systemLeyboldSP630/2001
    RefrigerationFluid Chiller Inc.392,000 BTU/hr @ -40℃
    Condenser Surface Area440 ft2
    Condenser Ice Capacity3500 lbs
    Temperature Control Zones30
    Temperature Sensors6 per rack
    Removable Shelves47 per rack
    Heater Power3 phase/60Hz 208v/300a
    Vacuum and Mechanical Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/60a
    Chiller Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/150a
    Compressed AirCDA60 PSIG / 10 lpm
    Chiller FluidDynaLene HC-FG
    ControlsOpto-22GROOV-EPIC PLC