High Capacity Commercial Freeze Dryer

When you need serious freeze drying capacity, the TSS-447 is our best first step.

This industrial freeze dryer outperforms every other freeze dryer per square foot of factory space. It can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized without special equipment, and it has the highest production capacity of any comparable machine.

  • Commercial freeze drying is a capital and energy intensive process, but the product that results is more than worth the costs. However, if you are going to spend the capital and energy, you should try to get the most for your money. How? By looking at all of the aspects of your facility and equipment.
  • Example 1: The total amount of footprint your dryer occupies, including the chamber, the chiller, the vacuum system, and the product handling area can vary hugely from one brand to another. Newsflash, commercial footprint is really expensive.
  • Example 2: Cleaning and sanitizing your commercial freeze dryer sounds like a remote future problem, but the first time you need to do it, and you can't remove any of the shelves and heaters, when you can't access the vapor condensers, when you have many cracks and contamination accumulation points, you will suddenly wish you had paid more attention, because it will be too late.
  • Example 3: Product handling and cycle time are two of the most limiting factors in your production capabilities, but have you considered how much time you need to spend to unload your system, load the new product, melt off the vapor condensers, and restart the next batch? Just an hour per day lost to product handling can cost a quarter million dollars per year in profits.
  • All of the shelves in this commercial freeze dryer are mounted in rolling racks that you can load while the machine is running another batch. You can prepare and store the product in those racks until it is time to start the next cycle. Then roll out the racks with dry product, melt off the vapor condensers, and roll in the racks with wet product and start.

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  • Product Description


    • 4 rolling racks hold up to 1600 lb (wet) of product
    • All rolling racks can have shelves removed in minutes for cleaning and sterilization
    • Each rolling rack can hold 47 baking trays (18" x 26")
    • Each rack has three independent temperature control zones for even heat distribution
    • Shelf heaters are ultra rugged, can be washed in commercial dishwasher/li>
    • Total product loading area of 611 square feet (56.76 sq meters)
    • All stainless steel rib reinforced process chambers
    • All inner surfaces are accessible for cleaning and sterilizing
    • Leybold SP630 vacuum pump w
    • 96,000 BTU/hr low temperature chiller -40C to 20C (package system)
    • Optional rapid melt off system can turn around system in under 1 hour
    • High vacuum rated valves (roughing, fore line, vent)
    • Stainless steel electrical raceways
    • Stainless steel electrical enclosures
    • Empty chamber maintains under 7 microns pressure
    • Trays are standard 18"x26" baking sheets
    • 4-rack system

    PLC Controller

    • Opto22 GROOV PLC controller
      • Opto22 open source programming
      • Compatible with all major PLC types
      • Full safety interlocks to maintain employee safety
      • user-programmable vacuum cycles
      • 96 user-programmable unique recipes
      • manual operation of all parameters with user input batch ID
      • password-level protection for operator access
      • native VPN client accessible
      • web based GROOV view interface
      • node-red open source programming available for custom programming


    • Each shelf is independently heated
    • Heat input is engineered to match sublimation requirements
    • each rolling rack has three heat control zones monitored by dual independent temperature sensors
    • Electrical control panels distribute all power to:
      • Chiller
      • Vacuum system
      • Heaters
      • Auxiliaries

    TechSource Systems TSS-447 Details

    Feature ManufacturerValue
    Vacuum systemLeyboldSP630
    RefrigerationFluid Chiller Inc.80,000 BTU/hr @ -40℃
    Condenser Surface Area176 ft2
    Condenser Ice Capacity1500 lbs
    Temperature Control Zones12
    Temperature Sensors6 per rack
    Removable Shelves47 per rack
    Heater Power3 phase/60Hz 230v/120a
    Vacuum and Mechanical Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/45a
    Chiller Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/60a
    Compressed AirCDA60 PSIG / 10 lpm
    Chiller FluidDynaLene HC-FG
    ControlsOpto-22GROOV-EPIC PLC

    The Reliable Commercial Freeze Dryer Destination

    At Suntorr, we pride ourselves on delivering top-of-the-line commercial freeze dryers designed to meet your operation’s exacting demands.

    With a focus on innovation, reliability, and efficiency, our freeze-drying solutions are engineered to optimize your production processes and elevate your output quality.

    Here’s What We Offer: The TSS-747

    Our mid-sized system, the TSS-747, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With a robust design and advanced features, the TSS-747 offers unparalleled performance in freeze-drying applications.

    In addition, here are some of the ideas we seek to offer:

    • Enhanced Capacity Featuring a 329-shelf capacity where you have 7 rolling racks with 47 heated shelves and three temperature control zones in each rack, the TSS-747 is tailored to meet the needs of smaller yet competitive freeze-drying operations. With ample space for your products, this walk-in freeze dryer maximizes throughput without compromising quality. Plus, it is very easy to load and unload this industrial freeze dryer. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to streamlined production with Suntorr’s TSS-747.
    • Optimized Efficiency Efficiency is paramount in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, and the TSS-747 is engineered to deliver. From its energy-efficient design to its intuitive controls, every aspect of this system is geared towards maximizing productivity while minimizing operational costs. With Suntorr, you can achieve peak efficiency without sacrificing performance.
    • Reliable Support At Suntorr, we understand the importance of reliable support for your freeze-drying operations. That’s why we offer comprehensive customer service and technical assistance to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly daily.
      From installation and training to maintenance and troubleshooting, we support you at every step.

    Trust Us For Commercial Freeze Drying Applications!

    Suntorr is your trusted partner for all your commercial freeze-drying needs. With our unrivaled expertise, industry-leading technology, and unwavering commitment to quality, we’re here to offer some of Utah’s best commercial freeze dryers.

    Contact us today to learn more about the TSS-747 and how Suntorr can transform your freeze-drying process.