Gene Ligman

CEO, Owner

What is Suntorr ?

Suntorr is a name that is inspired by the ultimate energy source in vacuum, the sun, along with a basic unit of pressure in vacuum, the torr. We are a company with deep knowledge of vacuum, energy flow, and vapor physics (which is all about phase change) whose mission is to help advance the world’s manufacturing capabilities in the best way we know how, which is to lend our expertise wherever it is needed, and to offer the best equipment in the world to companies who need it.

I know industrial vacuum

Using vacuum in manufacturing is tricky business. It has challenges that are not obvious. Gases do not flow like they do at higher pressures, tiny leaks cause giant problems, and condensable vapors add great complexity. More importantly, materials vaporize under vacuum in unexpected ways that can cause a host of challenges, or that can make processes possible that were otherwise not possible.

I know freeze drying

Freeze drying is an industrial vacuum application, and it is a special one. After years visiting freeze drying companies who were struggling with the utter lack of available knowledge on the topic, I did a deep dive into the science and technology of freeze drying. What I found fascinated me. I got hooked.

  • Combining what I learned as an engineer and vapor physics geek, I soon connected with the top commercial freeze dryer maker in the US and struck up a partnership. Now, I provide engineering technical input to TechSource Systems on design and operation of their dryers as well as sales and marketing functions.
  • Credentials

    • Who am I? I've been in high vacuum sales and engineering for over 20 years. I'm a recognized expert in the field
    • Sales Development Manager for Industrial Products at Leybold
    • 15 years in vacuum technology sales and management
    • 8 years nuclear power plant chemist
    • 4 years in CNC Machinery sales
    • 4 years process engineer at Jacobs Engineering
    • Owner and president of 2 small businesses
    • Graduated Suma Cum Lauda with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State university
    • Guest speaker at several symposiums on vacuum technology and food processing


    Suntorr has the expertise to help companies navigate these challenges and opportunities. We have decades of experience gained across an array of industries and applications, and we now make it available to anyone who needs it.

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    We're here to help! We specialize in sales of commercial freeze dryers and other industrial vacuum equipment. Learn more about who we are and what we do.